Our top three campingspots in Göreme – Cappadocia

 Cappadocia is just marvellous. These unique and stunning shapes of rocks and caves combined with these uncountable amount of hot air ballons takes your breath away.

For us Cappadocia was surely a highlight of our travel. We were amazed and speechless when we woke up, crawled out of our tent and watched the hot air ballons rise into the sky. No hotel can offer you this feeling. And it’s for free.
Depending on the camping spot and a little bit of luck you can be very close to the ballons.

Our top three campingspots were these here:

Above the Rose Valley (38.659140,34.848314)
Difficult to get there. You will have to push your bicycle for a bit. But you will get rewarded with flat a field of grass and very few or even no people. This spot is not reachable by car.

Above Love Valley (38.663328,34.819245)
Easy to reach and a lot of flat space to camp. In the morning a lot of people as it is very easy to reach by car. This could also be a place were you could go with a camper. The chances to be very close to the ballons are pretty good.

After the Sunset View Point (38.656191,34.852347)
Very difficult to get there. It’s a small hiking trail you will have to follow. So no cars. Not even squats can follow this narrow road. There will be no people as there’s only space for one tent. Further away from the ballons than the other two.

If you enter the coordinates in Google maps, you should find the spots. Of course there are countless other beautiful spots. If you’re travelling with a van and therefore cannot follow these narrow hiking trails, there’s also the possibility to go above the open air museum in Göreme. It’s reachable by car and less crowded than above the love valley.

Concerning the hot air ballons, you need to keep in mind, that they aren’t starting and landing at the same spot every day. It depends on the direction of the wind. But the pilots try to fly near or over Göreme. So these three spots are quite a good choice to be near them.

Good luck and enjoy the beautiful Cappadocia!

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