Cycling under water – the Aktio-Preveza tunnel

In the west of Greece you’ll find a very special tunnel. Special as it is the only tunnel in Greece which passes through the sea instead of passing through a mountain.

The tunnel was built in 2002 and conects Aktio with Preveza through the Ambracian Gulf. The tunnel is 1570 meters long. 909 of them are under water. So, if you’re driving through the tunnel you’re literally driving under the sea. Pretty impressive. To drive through you will be asked to pay a toll of three euros.

Sadly cyclists and pedestrians aren’t allowed in the tunnel. There are however kind of group taxis which pick you and your bicycle up at one side of the tunnel and drop you at the other side of it.

Due to the pandemic this service is no longer available. We hitchhiked through the tunnel in August 2021. That worked out very well and it didn’t take long for someone to give us a lift. In our case it was a kite surfer from Slovakia.

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